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[Work in Progress]

I have been on many roads and flying across tropical skies since late October 2014, living and capturing tiny moments in various countries of Southeast Asia. ‘Daydream’ is the title of this journey, focusing on the beauty of the local everyday, glimpses at ordinary instants that somehow bring meaning to life. Photographs, artworks and pieces of writing will be compiled in a book over the next months…

[VisualDiary] Saigon

In Southeast Asia the urban environment changes faster than people and life itself. In Saigon like in other places, natural elements are challenged, space is being constantly altered. But the street food lady continues to sell even in front of a huge construction site, while the bamboo on this wonderful building seems to say that we can change without sacrificing all.

[Work in Progress]


While the world is talking about freedom of expression, I am now training 13 women in Bangkok and witnessed their need for creative expression.

“I had fun.”

“I didn’t think of anything but just made something.”

“I don’t know what it is, but I’m going to make a brooch out of it.”

Those are some of the comments heard at the end of the session.

When I started the class, the women asked me for instructions to follow.
I said I had none and that they had complete freedom.
 It made some feel nervous at first, but then, they picked the material in front of them and started making. Some went fast, others went slow. Some sat on a chair. Others sat on the floor. Some made small objects, others made big ones.

13 different personalities, 13 lives, 13 forms of expression.


With a black pen in my hand, I watch the river stream go on and on and on. I listen to it when I go to sleep at night, when I wake up in the morning and during the small moments in between. It whispers to me that we have absolutely nothing to worry about. [Nam Song, Vangvieng, Laos]


I flew to Bangkok to collect several kilos of industrial waste. This will be a new kind of creative experience for me, working closely with Thai women who suffered domestic violence.

Now, in the early prototyping and concept development phase, I have a lot of bra straps and clips to work with! Throughout this creative experiment, I intend to make the original material ‘disappear’ and create new forms and textures.

This work comes with a lot of material and technical constraints, it is a process of reinvention and learning. A symbolic one for the women I will be working with…

[Work in Progress]

[Doi Saket, Chiang Mai] These past weeks, an accumulation of short-lived events; ‘caught in a moment’ moments or a dozen unexpected conversations with strangers… My new life setting also led me to regularly ride a diesel bus with local villagers and school kids while watching monks peacefully cross 4-lane highways in the dark of night. Now I try to discipline myself and slowly compile these “Short Tales” in the form of a travel journal. There is much to think about and write about from this part of the world. Through images and text, I would like to share different perspectives and realities in order to open up new ones…

[Publication] Handmade Stories 2 – Catalogue

Download (PDF)

[Work in Progress]

[VisualDiary] Luang Neua

Setting up my work space. No air con, no desk and a low 3G network. But that’s not going to stop me… The urge to create is stronger… When my legs fall asleep, I sit on my suitcase, the electric fan blowing at my side. Between a dark room with AC and a bright room with no AC, I chose brightness. And while I am working in this low key rural context, I am saved by the magic of wireless technology, printing and connecting to the rest of the world through my little iPhone device.


Moving from Singapore to Chiang Mai…


“What architecture expresses, if one distinguishes it from building, is something of an intangible and impalpable nature. Over and above the material presence of the construction, it owes its existence to the meanings with which it is charged and to the fact that it speaks, it expresses a culture, and it reveals a social structure.” [from Architecture as an Expression of Minority Culture, by Sophie and Pierre Clement]

[Edits] Travel…

As I am about to embark on my next journey within Southeast Asia, I have extracted and edited five elements from The Tao of Travel by Paul Theroux. A few words to keep close to the heart along the way…

[September] Dream Further

I often like to believe that there is no such thing in life as coincidence. The last 4 weeks have been a succession of odd events – from staring at my apartment’s ceiling while recovering from dengue fever to ’swimming’ through irrelevant up-stream hierarchy battles in the workplace. Such hurdles surely are not lived without a bit of suffering, however they also set forward a new direction as I opened my eyes to the true priorities in my life. It somehow feels like I suddenly woke from a tropical slumber. After all, I did spend the past two years in 35ºC weather, right on top of the equator in Singapore.

I vividly remember writing this in my diary back in 2003, sitting alone in my modest rented room in London: I am standing at a crossroad.

There have been many crossroads since then and I sometimes wonder if a difference of one single decision would have changed the course of my life. Perhaps not at all.

10 years on, I sit at the front of a double-decker bus underneath an anonymous Singaporean highway, waiting for the traffic light to turn green. As the light switched from red to green, I feel a sense of hope. I think to myself “yes, it’s time”.

Having spent the last decade moving from Europe to North America to Asia, I now understand my place in the world better than ever before. This is not to say that I know where I belong but rather, I know the road that I am walking on. It is a road of changing landscapes, and I am guided by one vision.

The possibility of good change.

September arrives like a promise. It seems to say “you have come a long way, but it’s still time to dream further.”

October will be a month of transition, November the start of a nomadic experimentation…

[VisualDiary] Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki